BEW Butchers Knives

At Butchers Equipment Warehouse, we know our customers in the industry are looking for quality, durable, comfortable handle butchers knives that are a good value for money which is why we are proud to bring you the BEW Professional range of butchers knives.

These high-quality knives were designed using our vast experience and knowledge of the meat industry and are exclusively manufactured for us. To ensure quality and longevity of our products each knife is sharpened by a skilled work person to create a long-lasting cutting edge which allows easy re-sharpening. Additionally, all of the materials used on the handles are certified according to the food processing safety rules.

If you have any questions about any of the BEW butchers knives give us a call on 01254 427761.

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  1. BEW 5" Boning Knife
    BEW 5" Boning Knife

    Price from £9.00 £9.00

  2. BEW 6" Boning Knife
    BEW 6" Boning Knife

    Price from £9.50 £9.50

  3. BEW 7" Butchers Knife
    BEW 7" Butchers Knife

    Price from £13.50 £13.50

  4. BEW 8" Butchers Knife
    BEW 8" Butchers Knife

    Price from £15.50 £15.50

  5. BEW 10" Butchers Knife
    BEW 10" Butchers Knife

    Price from £17.00 £17.00

  6. BEW 8" Butchers Steak Knife
    BEW 8" Butchers Steak Knife

    Price from £14.99 £14.99

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18 Items

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